Marketing Automation Training

Delivered by our experienced Marketing Automation consultants, our predefined fundamentals training programs, tailored technical coaching for specific skills development, and advanced mentoring programs, will help your team execute powerful marketing automation campaigns. We bring together best practices and hands-on expertise to guarantee your marketing and sales crews will quickly become confident, knowledgeable and productive.

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Predefined and custom-tailored training options for accurate marketing automation execution

Enterprise marketing champions have trainers to help them maintain their technical health. They stay champions only by consistently acquiring more information, to operate wiser and faster. And, they achieve this by having well-versed experts to support them. Enterprise marketing teams need trainers, experts, advisors, and coaches to ensure they succeed. Having an experienced technology partner, who can support your teamʼs growth with custom, hands-on education into Marketing Automation Software, can help your enterprise stay at the top of its game.

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Discover our comprehensive
Marketing Automation Training Services

Predefined Training Programs

Our predefined training modules are intended for specific responsibilities and roles. Are you an Platform Administrator, Support Manager, or Sales and Marketing decision maker? For all responsibilities also ranging from Marketing Automation Software instance administration, to campaign configuration, asset development, or custom reporting capabilities growth, our predefined training programs can help you further your Marketing Automation knowledge.

Skills Development and Role Enablement

These training programs can help your marketing automation team get more out of your Cloud Marketing investment. As the level of Marketing Automation technical capabilities may differ across your team, our custom-tailored training programs will be designed by our consultants to help your team exploit the powerful features brought to the marketing automation table.

Technical Mentoring Programs

With the final goal in mind to guide your team towards successful operational outcomes, our seasoned Marketing Automation engineers will identify the most effective ways to transfer knowledge through practical experiences. To best suit your team needs, or calendars, and reinforce specific functional areas of the Marketing Automation Software, your team can approach shadowing, oversight, and collaborative mentoring sessions.

Marketing Automation Software Capabilities for Marketing Teams

Joining forces with your CMO and Marketing Directors, we will develop a training program that specifically suits your marketing teamʼs needs and procedures, ensuring decision-makersʼ strategical thinking gets in sync with their teamsʼ technical capabilities. Our experience with global enterprises allows us to deliver capability-focused training programs, that will help your marketing executives speak the marketing automation language while enabling them to push the boundaries of strategic, creative thinking in the technical world.

B2B modern marketing automation software best practices

This is where we share our know-how. The best practices training programs aim to share with your team the absolute best of our 10+ years of expertise in B2B modern marketing applications, and how your team should apply these theoretical and technical capabilities when using Marketing Automation Software. We can help you discover all about the best practices for B2B database segmentation, launching winning digital campaigns, sales and marketing funnel architectures, and KPIs analyses.

Knowledgeable Marketing Automation Software Training services. Hear it from companies like yours:

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Iʼve worked with Logarithmic for few years on many projects. I could not be more impressed with their professionalism, teamwork, communication and results. Their attention to detail, cost and project management is outstanding. They not only make my job easier, but they make me look good. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them a true extension of my team and a very valued partner.

Ioana Irina

Global Marketing Operations - MarTech B2B, HP

What you can expect from our Marketing Automation Software Training sessions

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Clear understanding of all key marketing automation technology concepts

Eloqua Consulting

Holistic view of Marketing Automation Software features

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Expert guidance for best-practice use

Eloqua Consulting

Engaging learning experiences

Eloqua Consulting

Intensively trained, certified and knowledgeable Marketing Automation professionals

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Increased team confidence and productivity