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Business decisions highly depend on valuable insights delivered by properly configured Reporting Dashboards. Put analytics at the core of your Marketing and Sales efforts to understand their impact on the business. From reporting foundation set-up, to real-time automated reporting or campaign performance analysis, analytics platformsʼ integrations, and sophisticated reporting dashboard development, we will help you gain clear visibility into your data for making intelligent decisions.

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Leverage years of experience in Marketing Automationʼs best practices and discover masterfully done reporting and analytics

Reporting shows the worth of Marketing Automation efforts. If you can show that your digital campaigns are fulfilling their goals, are generating sales-ready leads, and bringing in revenue, then you have proven your demand generation effortsʼ value. Our team of seasoned Marketing Automation consultants helps fast-pace evolving enterprises to define and put in place their reporting and measurement strategy, and to continually adapt to changing business needs and customer demands.

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Reporting and
Analytics Services

Reporting foundation Set-up

Leverage years of extensive LogDMS experience in reporting and analytics, to make the most of your data. Our experienced Marketing Automation professionals can help with customization of reports and dashboards for complex comparisons or better crucial metrics visualizations, in return also keeping your team goal-oriented.

Campaigns Measurement Planning

Align campaign reporting with your business objectives by implementing a relevant measurement plan for all your digital campaigns. Experience best practices in digital campaign measurement. Our report-building experts will engineer an accurate roadmap towards a crystal-clear view of your campaignsʼ performance. Keep your focus on metrics that truly support your business. Compare campaign performance against similar ones and discover trends that youʼll further want to explore.

3rd parties Reporting tools Integrations

Big Data is churning out overwhelming volumes of information that are humanly impossible to process and analyze. You can benefit from the power of big data by integrating information from other platforms into your Marketing Automation system, or sending data to your preferred reporting solution. Our experts are heavily trained to execute flawless integrations, for complex analysis, that empower decision-makers to visualize important metrics throughout the data and all reporting tools at hand.

Real-time Dashboards & Automated Reports

Manage your digital marketing campaigns proactively by leveraging business intelligence real-time dashboards and automated reports. Ensure custom-designed reports are being delivered automatically to designated decision-makers. Get real-time information on key metrics and ensure you have access to vital information within 24 hours of your campaign assetʼs launch.

Sophisticated Reporting

Empower executives to unlock business benefits. We can help you make your Marketing Automation systemʼs reporting dashboards truly adapt to the needs of those using it, by displaying the metrics relevant to their function. You can then empower detailed insights to help marketers seize real-time opportunities, and guide them in critical decision making on immediate threats.

Inbox Placement - Deliverability Reporting

Email conversion rates are challenging metrics for any marketer, but if your emails donʼt reach the inbox, you lose the opportunity to connect with your customers. Measure how subscribers interact with each campaign, ensuring your emails are reaching customers, at the perfect moment. Help your marketing team take action, and reach more subscribers.

Closed - Loop Reporting

Make business decisions based on closed-loop reporting on costs and business results for all your marketing campaigns. Our Marketing Automation consultants will help your team set up and optimize closed-loop reporting models so you accurately determine campaign impact on pipeline and revenue.

Insightful Reporting & Analytics services. Hear it from companies like yours:

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Iʼve worked with Logarithmic for few years on many projects. I could not be more impressed with their professionalism, teamwork, communication and results. Their attention to detail, cost and project management is outstanding. They not only make my job easier, but they make me look good. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them a true extension of my team and a very valued partner.

Ioana Irina

Global Marketing Operations - MarTech B2B, HP

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What you can expect when working with us for your Reporting and Analytics

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Clear understanding of the most relevant KPIs

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Actionable insights and trends identification

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A better grasp of your leads and their behavior

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Sales and marketing data alignment

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Years of Marketing Automation analytics expertise

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A holistic view of the metrics that matter