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May 26, 2022


Eloqua Platform Admin

How to populate your Eloqua Lookup Table dynamically

How can you protect and maintain the hygiene and reliability of your database when it’s connected to multiple data entry points in a constantly evolving universe? Cleanse – Normalize – Enrich – Repeat. Oracle Eloqua supports these processes through different functionalities; you can define your data processing rules using a Contact Washing Machine, or you can build a custom program connected to different Data Tools.



How Does MarTech Data Facilitate Decision-Making?

In today’s data-driven world, it is crucial to speak the language of our customers’ needs, preferences, and interests. Modern marketing technology is fueled by data analysis and reporting, which is instantly making MarTech add-ons real game-changers in terms of improving the way we work. The amount of data we have available can be truly mind-blowing – that is true. Yet, by focusing on each range of options that facilitate fair reporting and proper analysis, you can build a strong foundation of

September 29, 2020