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March 29, 2024


Eloqua Campaign Production

The Art of Precision: A Short Guide to Content Personalization with HubSpot's Smart Rules

Unlock the full potential of your email marketing with HubSpot's dynamic content powered by Smart Rules. This is now your secret weapon for creating personalized and laser-targeted experiences tailored to your audience's every nuance. Picture this: as you weave Smart Rules into your HubSpot emails, you gain the superpower to dynamically tweak the content that lands in your recipients' inboxes. Imagine different slices of your audience getting bespoke messages, perfectly tuned to their unique qu



Oracle Eloqua Campaign Configuration Excellence Benchmarks

Digital marketing has become invaluable when it comes to the success of a company. It enables visibility on the market and to potential clients. Gaining exposure implies a broader range of people that may choose a company’s products or services. And this generates more revenue. In the last decade, marketing has started to focus heavily on the digital world, with more and more campaigns being deployed in digital formats.

December 3, 2020