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December 4, 2023


Eloqua Implementation

Should You Handle Your Eloqua Implementation With A Subject Matter Expert?

Marketing automation has been a no–stranger in revolutionizing the way digital marketing works. Sending thousands of emails manually with limited target accuracy or having your personnel gather, track, and analyze a new marketing campaign’s statistics is no longer the case. You can now let your marketing automation platform do the magic, lay back, and reap the benefits.



LinkedIn Campaign Manager Integration with Oracle Eloqua

In the new digital age of connected capabilities, consolidated marketing strategies, tactics, and omnichannel experiences, integrating various powerful software to reap the benefits that both offer, in combination, occupies a central role. Smooth and efficient digital platform integrations unlock new levels of potential for most online marketing efforts, from data collection, storage, and processing to content production, or CX management, from powerful reporting to sales enablement, and so on.

October 27, 2021


8 Common Challenges Faced While Implementing A New Eloqua Install

Oracle Eloqua is a powerful ally in any marketer’s arsenal. It is a vast, enterprise-level platform that can handle your digital marketing needs. As with anything this capable, though, there is a pay-off; Eloqua’s learning curve might be the biggest challenge to overcome when implementing an entirely new install. However, given enough time and patience, the platform can surely reward your company with great value.

June 30, 2020