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November 3, 2023


Eloqua Campaign Production

Designing Effective Webinar Workflows With Eloqua Marketing Software

The world we know has changed massively in just a few months only. Companies whose primary sales channel used to be live events are nowadays switching their attention to the online medium, given its similar, if not improved results. Still, putting together a comprehensive action plan for a successful webinar configuration is not a very simple task. Yet, companies rely more and more on this channel.



GDPR Compliance In The Era Of Marketing Automation

Consumer data heavily influence business operations. In the last decade alone, data has become the living heartbeat of marketing automation systems. It allows systems to take a large number of decisions in a short time, enrooted in the information collected and processed, making all business processes vastly more efficient. If your business is located or has customers in the EU, then your data practices require GDPR compliance.

August 4, 2020