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8 Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

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8 Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

8 Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Leader Oracle Eloqua is the most powerful marketing automation platform in the industry. With enhanced capabilities designated to scale the needs of large-size enterprises and smaller business customers alike, Eloqua has nearly 400 applications and third-party platform integrations.

While improving the future, Eloqua’s goal is to turn digital marketing into a lead-driving machine.

Actually, Eloqua builds the foundation for efficient automated marketing campaigns by helping companies focus on engaging with their target buyers using personal and meaningful experiences.

How do you know whether you chose the right automation tool for you? Let us present why Oracle Eloqua Marketing Software might be the solution you always needed to take your marketing automation efforts to the next level.

1. Eloqua is a complete solution for lead nurturing

It is demonstrated that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales. Modern marketing experts know that the key to successful lead nurture is to deliver valuable content through various marketing channels. Eloqua is a flexible tool, and it can help you distribute relevant content at any step of your campaign.

To maximize revenue potential, Eloqua initiates an omnichannel experience, nurturing relevant content into each stage of the process. One of the critical elements is segmentation, which facilitates creating a unique customer profile by title, role, industry, or any other characteristic you see fit.

As we go further, customer-centric personalization is significantly valuable when matching the buyer’s profile. Considering that buyer personas are an invaluable part of any digital marketing strategy, the process of modeling, understanding customers, their behavior, motivations, and preferences are crucial to building a successful targeting approach.

So, a successful nurturing program keeps branding, messaging, and experiences relevant. It is a continuous process that considers multiple communication channels and various devices, alongside brand elements (such as the tone of voice) into the cycle of converting prospects into loyal, advocating customers.

2. Eloqua offers seamless email campaign management

Email is one of the most utilized digital marketing channels, defined as an effortless way to target customers and drive lead conversion. A dynamic content builder defines Eloqua’s core functionality, facilitating personalized content delivery to various segments within a single send.

The segmentation feature delivers a more thorough analysis of users by demographic, behavior, traffic sources, and more. It is critical to send error-free emails at scale and improve campaigns’ overall performance and offer highly customized and unique journeys for your contacts.

Looking at different campaign management approaches followed by various marketing automation software providers, as prevention from spamming, Eloqua does not allow sending a duplicate email by default. HubSpot, on the other hand, exhausts a set-up list of blocked recipients. The process becomes confusing with contacts that are part of similar workflows receiving inadvertently the same email.

In contrast, Eloqua uses multichannel campaign tools focused on lead management to understand customer behavior better. These benefits give marketers a full data examination to obtain a full perspective.

3. Eloqua makes business intelligence bolder

In view of reporting, Eloqua does all the heavy lifting, and one of the worthiest parts of the software is that you can enrich data with financial, sales, and customer data to make more informative reports. The current reporting engine provides in-depth, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, while careful added-value analysis can use Eloqua’s data, enhancing it for drawing different conclusions.

When talking about Eloqua Insight, intelligent data analysis and reporting represent modern marketing solutions’ primary fields. Together with Eloqua’s dashboards, Eloqua offers comprehensive analytical tools you need to meet your marketing goals.

Comparing the reporting and analytics capabilities with Marketo, Oracle Eloqua offers complete revenue and lifecycle tracking, whereas Marketo offers more of an SEO performance view.

However, while Eloqua’s out-of-the-box reporting solutions provide an opportunity for a thorough analysis of data, seldom extra efforts need to be made to capture the essence of all information at your disposal. But improved business outcomes are not always directly proportional to resource volume. Sometimes, you can do more with less. Take email sending practices as an example. If you regularly send newsletters to multiple audiences in different time zones, at many times of day, you know how tough it is to determine the best possible moment to contact. Do you get all the needed information from your metrics? How do you use this for decision-making?

In truth, there will probably always be something more you can do to make an impactful difference, if only you even further analyze the results. No added campaign configuration effort. Would you care to test this theory out? You can benefit from our Eloqua Reporting expertise, and let us show you how our LogDMS Enhanced Deliverability Report helps you gain meaningful insights into improving your email deliverability, targeting your desired audiences with pin-point accuracy, or finding out the best performing email moments.

4. Eloqua provides advanced means of personalization

Reaching out and engaging with your customers in a precise way is naturally of paramount importance, as you very well know. Starting from customer data that needs to be collected to its analysis, and until, or even beyond campaigns’ configuration, Eloqua offers an extensive set of features meant for personalizing email messaging, landing page content, or delivery timing in your campaign.

The main two areas that you must consider are the quality of your data and your use case. In the process of personalizing campaigns, the quality of data is crucial for a proper understanding. When the information is clean and safe, containing the right set of attributes, you know you are sending content to the right people.

Yet, Eloqua’s many personalization functionalities don’t stop here. Through the platform, you have the option at hand for developing custom, dynamic web forms with tailored design elements and field functionalities, integrating matching options from the Eloqua API database, or leveraging progressive profiling for alternative lead capture and qualification.

Eloqua personalization visual

For a genuinely next-level move, you must realistically be at the right time in your contacts’ inbox. So, insert compelling copy and content to your emails and landing pages with customization onto a targeted public. Use the campaign canvas, decision steps, or Custom Data Object (CDO) to optimize.

An essential functionality in Eloqua the campaign canvas is a visual representation of marketing automation workflows that includes a wide variety of elements. With a very logical process, Eloqua will do exactly as you wish by interacting with given information, setting up rules and settings, automatically moving leads through their customer journey while only requiring supervision.

Put merely, reap the hyper-personalization benefits of Oracle Eloqua to maximize your assets’ limitless potential, improve engagement, and drive successful conversions.

5. Eloqua comes with exhaustive CRM/CMS integrations

The power of implementing Oracle Eloqua into your MarTech stack is even further amplified when you maintain it integrated with your CRM. Eloqua’s integration service facilitates the synchronizing of leads, contacts, accounts, and activities into a one-click synchronization process. And the platform is compatible with an extensive range of Content Management Systems, ranging from Sitecore, Sitefinity, Skyword, Drupal to Seismic.

Eloqua for Sales offers 4 key features:

  • Eloqua Discover for Salesforce – which helps improve lead generation quality and drive ROI
  • Eloqua Profiler – providing a detailed view of a potential client, the activities, lead score value, and others
  • Eloqua Engage – feeds the need for continually recreating emails, personalization, and tracking of each email sent
  • Web Visit Alerts – set up alerts whenever a contact visits the website, allowing follow-up strategy.

Without exception, Oracle Eloqua software is designed to ensure maximum flexibility and excellent efficiency for all your integration needs.

6. Eloqua is highly secure and robust for your data management

If not well protected, data can become the most significant liability for organizations. Sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, personal financial information, and personal healthcare information are the most exploited targets for hackers and even insiders.

Oracle Eloqua helps protect data with capabilities like encryption, user access controls, anonymization, and more within the database, at the highest possible standards. Properly secure your technical and organizational security control to prevent data loss, information leaks, or other unauthorized data processing operations.

In a nutshell, safeguarding your data becomes a whole lot easier with Eloqua!

7. Extensive training opportunities for maximizing platform use

Oracle Eloqua training teaches modern marketing best practices and how to apply them. From targeting and segmenting your database, launching engaging campaigns, converting sales to analyzing results, each training course is designed to help you understand how to get the most out of Oracle technology. A series of resources and training materials are available to become more informed and efficient to have measurable results.

Only Eloqua users have access to the information system, which lays the foundation for any successful team. For training, you can choose between Oracle University and on-premises software training and certifications provided by Oracle.

Subject matter experts with years of validated experience in designing, managing, configuring, or reporting on Eloqua marketing campaigns can also be valuable resources from where you can substantially increase your grasp and knowledge of the platform.

Our in-house training modules, for example, provide essential insights users need to use Eloqua to its maximum potential effectively. Bringing together the best practices and years of dedicated hands-on expertise, we can guarantee that your marketing and sales crews quickly become more confident, knowledgeable, and productive.

8. Great opportunities hidden behind challenges

There are certainly also a few challenges that you must consider when you made up your mind to change your marketing automation platform to Oracle Eloqua. This move requires excellent planning on your part and a stellar allocation of resources, especially time (unless you choose to handle this process with an experienced Eloqua evangelist on your side). Still, this platform can surely multiply the resources that you have invested in its implementation.

Once you implement it properly, some of the benefits of this platform include reducing the duration of manual tasks, increasing customer attraction and involvement, turnover, and even customer loyalty, achieved through the deployment of such targeted and relevant communication.

Nevertheless, in case you want to reap the benefits but save yourself the trouble of undergoing such an extensive implementation process yourself, you can always reach out to our certified team of Eloqua consultants.

We can aid you on this journey and design, configure, and manage precisely the Eloqua instance you need. This way, you get to enjoy all the benefits that Oracle Eloqua has to offer without stumbling upon any challenges.

Have a look at an applied example of our expertise:

We identified a substantial opportunity for improvement during our ongoing collaboration with one of our tech enterprise clients, consisting of the complete redesign, architecture, and implementation of a new Eloqua install.

As multiple pain points were identified due to the old architecture’s setup and dependencies, the previous install did not meet all client business requirements. We aimed at addressing and removing these identified challenges. The solution had to be developed to fulfill our client’s Marketing and Sales departments’ business objectives.

Changes and improvements were architected to enable Marketing, Sales, and Administration department activities while keeping them separate. Newly implemented tools and features created a holistic database, while workflows were reconfigured to support the most current business requirements. New logic chains enable better visibility and navigation and the integration of 3rd party platforms such as Tableau, Dynamics 365, and many others. This innovative design allowed for business requirements to dictate workflows and not the other way around, thus providing our client with new project execution opportunities.

Read our Customer Success Story to learn more!

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, marketers nowadays must adapt to very rapidly changing environments, remaining focused on improving the digital future as innovatively as possible. As mentioned in this article, Oracle Eloqua ensures a complete lead nurturing solution, offering seamless online marketing campaign management. It reveals the insights needed to make business intelligence bolder, providing advanced means of personalization; it comes with thorough CRM/CMS integrations while offering highly secure and robust data for your management and many more such functionalities.

Hopefully, these reasons helped you better understand what Oracle Eloqua can do for your digital marketing efforts and the necessity of implementing such a powerful marketing automation platform.

If your company is moving in this direction, please do feel free to contact us for more information on how Oracle Eloqua Marketing Software is the solution you always needed to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Curious to find out more about what an Eloqua implementation project actually consists of? Check out our unique offer and download your Eloqua Implementation Delivery Plan, on the house. Retrieve a comprehensive Gantt Chart containing all the process phases, their dependencies, and the type of resources required at each level, and clear yourself of any uncertainty faced.